The Jahra Governorate (Arabic الجهراء, DMG al-Ǧahrā' often Al Jahra) is the largest area of ​​the six governorates of Kuwait, its capital is the city of Jahra Governorate. It covers the northern and the western part of the country and some islands in the mouth of the Shatt al-Arab (for example, al-Warba and Bubiyan) and has in an area of ​​12,130 square kilometers 496.515Einwohner (as of Census 2014). The government was formed in 1979 when it was detached from al-Asima. Nachbargouvernemente are al-Asima al-Farwaniyya and al-Ahmadi, also Jahra Governorate bordered by Iraq and Saudi Arabia. The most populous city in the province is as-Sulaibiyya, more towns are next to Jahra Governorate Taima, al-Qasr, al-Waha and Al Uyaun.