Ukunda is a coastal town in Kenya. It is located in Kwale County about 30 kilometers south of Mombasa on the transit road A14 Mombasa - Lunga Lunga Main Road to Tanzania. Ukunda has its own airport for domestic flights, which is mainly for travel to and from the many beach hotels for tourists is important because the place is situated on Diani Beach beach. The number of residents is estimated at around 61,000 (as of 2007). People are drawn from all parts of the country to the coast to get a small share of the revenues from tourism. The influx residents Ukundas belong to about 16 different tribes. Ukunda many workers who work in the tourism industry on the south coast of Kenya live. In addition, there except in agriculture and livestock no further acquisition opportunities. 52 percent of the residents are unemployed Ukundas. There are a number of smaller shops, two supermarkets, gas stations and various companies that benefit from tourism, such as car rental, a bank, souvenir shops and a private hospital. Ukunda industry has no significance as an economic factor, there are no major companies. The site consists of a core of a mosque and smaller houses, some of stone, some of palm leaves (Makuti) are built. The main road from Mombasa to Fargo (Tanzania) passes through the place, with a branch for Diani beach. Drivers of intercity buses and trucks the place therefore serves as a rest area.