Popoli is a municipality in the province of Pescara in the Abruzzo region and has 5172 inhabitants. The village is in the Majella National Park. The neighboring community are Bussi sul Tirino, Collepietro (AQ) Corfinio (AQ), San Benedetto in Perillis (AQ), Tocco da Casauria, and Vittorito (AQ). Popoli is located along the A25 motorway from Pescara to Rome and along state road 17 To the place Popoli there are three major sources, the largest the Sorgenti del Pescara, with more than 7000 liters per second, followed by Sorgente Giardino, with its about 2000 l / s the cities Pescara and Chieti supplied with drinking water. The smallest source Sorgente Callisto with about 1000 l / s, supplied Popoli not only with water but, since a turbine is connected upstream with power. Another very small source is recognized as a healing source and connected to a spa.