Orosei is a town in the province of Nuoro in Sardinia with 7015 inhabitants (December 31, 2015). Orosei is located on the SS 125 "Oriental Sarda", the coast road connecting Olbia with Cagliari. After construction of the four-lane SS 131, the SS 125 has largely lost their meaning, which greatly benefits the city. It lies in the delta of the Cedrino, on the east coast of Sardinia, about 3 km from the sea. After successful eradication of malaria and regulation of the river Cedrino Orosei be developed rapidly the 1950s. 1931 lived in Orosei about 2500 to 1970 but already more than 4,000 people. The neighboring municipalities are Dorgali, Galtellì, Onifai and Siniscola. The municipality Orosei includes the location Sos Alinos.