Naples (Italian Napoli) is of almost one million inhabitants, the third largest city in Italy. The capital of the Campania region and the metropolitan city of Naples is an economic and cultural center of southern Italy. The metropolitan area has up to 4.4 million people. Neapolitans speak the vastly different from the standard Italian Neapolitan. The original Greek settlement was called Neapolis ( "New Town"). She later came under Roman rule. Naples was one of the largest cities in Europe from the late Middle Ages to the 18th century. His political history is marked for long periods of foreign domination, it was also the capital of southern Italian kingdom. In the inner parts of the city there are numerous historical buildings and cultural monuments; In 1995, the entire old town was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The heterogeneous cityscape provides suburbs with huge residential complexes and wide open spaces in contrast to the narrow and busy streets of the Old Town. While in the districts west of the center of the wealth is concentrated, are found partly overpopulation and economically backward areas in the inner districts and the old town. The social situation of the suburbs is different, it is partly to working-class neighborhood, partly to incurred in the course of social housing satellite towns, but also partly to rurale landscapes. A major problem is the above-average unemployment.