Molveno (German deprecated: Malfein) is a municipality with a population of 1,134 (December 31, 2015) the province of Trento in the Trentino-Alto Adige, Italy. It is located on Lake Molveno (Lake Molveno), a 4 km long lake that is up to 120 m deep. The lake is fed by a small stream and several small tributaries from the mountains. The effluent is the stream Bondai that into the Sarca river, the main tributary of Lake Garda, flows south of San Lorenzo. The village lies at an altitude of 864 m s.l.m. northwest of Trent in the Brenta mountains and is a spa and wintersports. The state road SS421 of Ponte Arche to Mezzolombardo (German: Welsch Metz) runs through the village. The nearest major town is Andalo 5 km.