Mazzorbo is an island in the lagoon of Venice, which lies just over 50 meters west of the island of Burano (or its sub-island San Mauro). With this it is connected by a simple, 60 meters long wooden bridge. Coming from Venice you enter the Mazzorbokanal (Canale di Mazzorbo, which in its westernmost part is 22 meters wide but widens farther east from 55 to 75 meters), which separates Mazzorbo from the north, larger island Mazzorbetto. A bridge connection to Mazzorbetto does not exist. The westernmost part of Mazzorbo is separated from the main body of the island by a 12 to 20 meter wide waterway, but is connected to it by two bridges. Mazzorbo can be reached from Venice by public transport (LN line). The current inhabitants work partly in Burano (tourism) and commute partly to Murano or Venice. As on the other lagoon islands San Erasmo or Vignole, vegetables are grown on Mazzorbo, and a little viticulture is also practiced. Mazzorbo is traditionally one of the six sestieri of Burano (the other five are on the island of Burano itself). The island officially has an area of ​​52 hectares, more precisely 517,945 square meters. However, satellite image measurements are only 945 meters long and 320 meters wide, with an area of ​​barely more than 20 hectares. Including the neighboring island of Mazzorbetto, the official area value would be plausible. For the 2001 census, 364 permanent residents were detected, as well as 10 on Mazzorbetto. At present (June 4, 2010) there are still 329 on the island, in 2011 there were only 316 left.