Madesimo is a town with a population of 525 (December 31, 2015) in the Lombardy region in the province of Sondrio, the Pizzo Groppera on foot. Madesimo is located on the Splügenpassstrasse, near the border to the Swiss canton of Grisons in the Val San Giacomo on Lake Montespluga and Lago di Isola. The municipality called to 1984 Isolato includes fractions Madesimo, Isola, Montespluga and Pianazzo where the municipality is located. Adjacent communities are Campodolcino, Ferrera (CH-GR), Medels in Rheinwald (CH-GR), Mesocco (CH-GR), Piuro, Spliigen (CH-GR), Sufers (CH-GR). On April 23, 1946, the corpse of Benito Mussolini was buried in Madesimo, which had previously been stolen by Fascists from the cemetery in Musocco near Milan. In 1957 the body was moved to its final resting place in Predappio. Madesimo found at the beginning of the twentieth century, the first ski race held in the Alps. Today the community has a ski area with 48 kilometers of slopes. The highest mountain station of the area is located on the Pizzo Groppera (2948 m above sea level). In this hill station Roger Schawinski pointed the first transmitter of Radio 24, inaccessible for Swiss Radio regulators. Madesimo had its heyday as a holiday station mid-1960s, at that time the place experienced a construction boom. City dwellers in particular from Milan acquired here condominiums in apartment buildings or built holiday homes. It has become quiet in Madesimo.