Garda is a town with 4092 inhabitants (December 31, 2015) in the province of Verona on the western edge of the Veneto region. Garda is set on the eastern shore and namesake of Lake Garda. In and around the village there is a lush, almost Mediterranean vegetation. Therefore, it is a popular tourist destination on the lake. Garda is dominated by the lake promenade and the small harbor with the "Palazzo dei Capitani" from the Venetian period. Near Garda headland Punta San Vigilio extends into the lake. For the philosopher Agostino di Brenzone, it was the "most beautiful place in the world". Today this place is privately owned, the use of the beach "Baia delle Sirene" is chargeable. seen vergrößernInteraktiver image viewer bay of Garda from Table Mountain La Rocca