Gaby (Walser German Goobi) is a town in the Aosta Valley with 468 inhabitants (December 31, 2015). The municipality next to the main town (here Chef-lieu called) also include Bouri, Chanton Desor, Chanton Desout, Crusmato, Gattinery, Gruba, Niel, Pont-de-Trentaz, Ruby, Serta Desor, Serta Desout, Tzen de la boa, Pro you Toucco, Yair Desout, Moulin, Palatz, Halberpein, Voury, Yair Desor, Zappegly and Zuino. The neighboring municipalities are Andorno Micca (BI), Brusson, Callabiana (BI), Gressoney-Saint-Jean, Issime, Piedicavallo (BI), Rassa (VC) and Sagliano Micca (BI). Gaby is in the Lys Valley and is a member of the Union of Val d'Aosta Walser communities. Nevertheless Gaby is not a linguistic island of Walser, it dominates the typical of the Aosta Valley frankoprovenzalische dialect.