Fonni is the highest mountain village of Sardinia (1000 m). The village with 3970 inhabitants (December 31, 2015) is in the province of Nuoro in the Italian region of Sardinia. The blazoned Sanctuary of the Madonna dei Martiri has a historical picture of the Madonna, which at the folklore festival Sagra della Madonna dei Martini (former occasion were Transhumanzfeierlichkeiten) is supported in June through the streets. Fonni located 33 km south of Nuoro. The neighboring municipalities are: Desulo, Gavoi, Lodine, Mamoiada, Orgosolo, Ovodda and Strisaili (OG). The Giants grave of Bidistili and of Madau are also near Fonni like the nuragic village Gremonu and menhirs San Michele Urrui and the Nuraghe Dronnoro.