Chamois is a town in the autonomous region of Valle d'Aosta. The municipality has 97 inhabitants (December 31, 2015), is located at an average altitude of 1818 m s.l.m. and has km² size of the 14th The inhabitants are called chamoisiens. Chamois is a member of the Unité des Communes Valdôtaines Mont Cervin, located in Valtournenche, a tributary of the Aosta Valley. Chamois consists of the districts Corgnolaz, Crépin, Caillaz, Lac-de-Lod, La Ville, Lieusel and Suisse. The neighboring municipalities are Antey-Saint-André, Ayas, La Magdeleine and Valtournenche. During the Fascist period, the village bore the name Italianate Camosio. Chamois is the only Italian church, which is not connected to the road network. The place can only be reached by a cable car or plane, which starts from the village of Buisson in Antey-Saint-André. A member of the Cooperation Alpine Pearls Chamois already supports a sustainable tourism for the community.