Cembra (German deprecated: room or Cimbro) is a place in the town of Cembra Lisignago and was until 2015 a Northeast comune (municipality) in Trentino in the Trentino-Alto Adige. The village belonged to the Comunità della Valle di Cembra and bordered directly to the province of South Tyrol. The Avisio formed the southeastern municipality border. Cembra is located about 13.5 kilometers north-east of Trent at an altitude of 666 m.s.l.m. Patron saint of the town is St. Roch. On January 1, 2016 Cembra merged with Lisignago the new municipality Cembra Lisignago. Cembra had km² 2015 1826 inhabitants in an area of ​​16.95 on 31 December. Neighboring communities were Albiano, Faver, Giovo, Lisignago, Lona-Lases, Salorno (BZ) and Segonzano.