The place is Cabras with 9213 inhabitants (December 31, 2015) in Italy in the province of Oristano in Sardinia. The main attractions of this region of the Campidano lie west of the location on the Sinis peninsula. The medieval town Crabiliis or Capriles belonged to Giudicato Arborea. The attractions located near the village are: * The Punic ruins of Tharros * The church of San Giovanni di Sinis * The Ipogeo di San Salvatore * The area 2,000 hectare lagoon lake Stagno di Cabras The largest lake of Sinis, west of the city, has a wide reed belt. The traditional, constricted bundles of reeds fishing boats ls fassoniskann you rarely see. In the northern part of the lake, hundreds of flamingos. He is one of the richest fishing waters in Italy. In the 17th century the place of the Spanish crown and later Genoese bankers who sold him a noble family from Oristano belonged. The heirs of the last owner sold the lake to the Sardinian government. The fishing village of Cabras has 9,004 residents and is known for its fish restaurants. On the lake shore is the Renaissance Basilica "Santa Maria". The collection of the Museo Civico shows mainly finds from the necropolis Cuccuru S'Arriu and from the Phoenician-Roman city Tharros. There is also an exhibition on culture, ecology, flora and fauna of the lake. The race of the Discalced (Italian Corsa degli Scalzi) in honor of St. Salvatore takes place from between the end of August and the first Sunday in September. The route runs from Cabras to San Salvatore and back. The best-known specialty is the bottarga di Cabras.