Bernalda is a municipality in the province of Matera in the Italian region Basilicata. In Bernalda live 12,453 inhabitants (as of 31 December 2015). The village is 40 km south of Matera. The neighboring communities are Ginosa (TA), Montescaglioso and Pisticci. Bernalda is on the railway Taranto to Potenza. The journey time to Taranto is 60 minutes, to Potenza 90 minutes. The origin of the place lies in the Middle Ages. Bernalda formed around the castle. The place was originally called Camarda, but was assigned in 1497 by King Alfonso II Bernardino de Bernaudo and renamed Bernalda. In the area of ​​the place Bernalda lies the colony Metapont, which was founded by Achaean settlers.