Alone is an Italian community in the autonomous region of Aosta Valley. Alone has 229 inhabitants (as of 31 December 2015) and is located at an altitude of 1190 m above sea level. M. near the road to the Great St. Bernard Pass in the valley of the Great St. Bernard. This is a side valley of Valle d'Aosta. Alone consists of the districts (French hameaux) Ayez, Allamanaz, Allérod, Bruson, Chanté, Chaveroulaz, Chez-Norat, Clavel, Condemine, Dayllon, Frein, Godioz, Martinet, Plan-de-Clavel (chef-lieu), Vallettaz and Ville. In the district Ayez a house from the 15th century is a listed building, which is built of natural stone almost without mortar. In the time of fascism, the village bore the Italianized name Alleno. Neighboring communities are Doues, Étroubles and Gignod.