Salatiga is an Indonesian city on Java island with 176,000 inhabitants (2006). It is located in the province of Central Java, less than ten kilometers from the volcanoes Merbabu and Telomoyo. The climate is all year round a little cooler, because the city is more than 500 meters. The city is divided into four sub-districts Argomulyo, Tingkir, Sidomukti and Sidorejo. Inscriptions were found on a stele indicate that Salatiga has existed since July 24, the 750th On July 1, 1917 Salatiga received as part of the colony of the Dutch East Indies to the status of a municipality (gemeente staad) and then in 1929 the municipal law (Stadsgemeente Salatiga). In Salatiga, the private Christian university Universitas Kristen Satya Wacana (UKSW) is approximately 14,000 students.