Palu is the capital of the Indonesian province of Central Sulawesi (Sulawesi Tengah) with 348,757 inhabitants (calculation 2010). The city is located on the island of Sulawesi (formerly Celebes), 1,500 km away from the Indonesian capital of Jakarta, at the mouth of the river Palu in the corresponding to the Strait of Makassar Palu Bay. About 40 km north-west, 5 km north of the small town of Donggala, Tanjung Karang is located (indon. "Headland corals"), which is known by diving tourists. Palu off Mehrtagesauflüge can be undertaken in the southern rainforest regions of the Lore Lindu National Park. Palu has an airport with connections among others Makassar, Balikpapan on Borneo, Luwuk and further to Manado, Bali and Jakarta. In addition to smaller private colleges Universitas Tadulako in Palu is established, which maintains a research collaboration with two German universities.