Denpasar (roughly translated, Central Market 'to colonial times the Dutch also: Den Pasar) is a town in the south of the Indonesian island of Bali. The largest city on the island is also the capital of the province of Bali. The population explosion of the city is remarkable. In 2000, the city of 387,477 inhabitants, which had increased by influx from both Bali and other islands and plant propagation 2010 to 637,701 had. In the center of the city is Puputan Square. He remembers by name and with a monument to the ritual mass suicide (Puputan) in 1906. The reigning king I Gusti Ngurah Made Agung made together with his entourage, who landed in Sanur and zumarschierenden city Dutch military power resistance, although the futility, modern attacking army with a few rifles and the Kris, the king was well aware. The Dutch gunfire and artillery killed almost the entire court and the army, and thus completed the prophecy that had been found in his Lontar studies even the king. Until that time, the center of the kingdom was Badung here. The colonization of the region ended the regency, and the city received a new name. As a trading center from then on it was called Denpasar. The destroyed during Puputan 1906 Empire temple Pura Jagatnatha to 1432 was rebuilt in 1908 in part. In 2011, an extensive restoration of the original building was completed. Denpasar is separated from the rest of Badung as a city district since February 27 1992nd The district (Kabupaten) Badung bordered to the north / south west of. To the east is the county Gianyar. To Denpasar is one of the traditional seaside resort of Sanur, which is at the Balinese for ritual cleanings and closing ceremonies of dead burned (Ngaben) in high esteem. There can be found on the beach of the temple Barunas, the god of the sea. In addition, the Turtle Island Serangan belongs with its turtles station and the main temple Pura Sakenan to Denpasar. The consumption of turtle meat was one in front of the protected status of the animals to virtually all important ceremonies in Bali.