Bukittinggi (also: Bukit Tinggi, Indonesian for "high hill") is a city on the Indonesian island of Sumatra. Bukittinggi is located in West Sumatra (Sumatera Barat) at 920 meters above sea level, 108 kilometers north of Padang and about 300 km south of Sibolga. With its 107,450 inhabitants (calculation of 2010) it is the largest city in the Minangkabau highlands. Until independence, the city of Fort de Kock was named after the fortress that was built here in the Padri Wars (1821-1837), the Dutch General Hendrik Merkus de Kock. The old town stretches north of a steep ravine, the Sianok Canyon. Due to the height above sea level, the city has a pleasant climate. It has various attractions: * Fort de Kock, Dutch fortification * Jam Gadang, 26 meters high, 1,926 erbauter clock tower, symbol of the city * Pasar Atas, Pasar Bawah, busy markets * Lobang Jepang Japanese ammunition bunkers in caves * Taman Bundo Kanduang, in a mock Minangkabau House, the oldest museum in West Sumatra is with regional collections. The complex also includes a small zoo. * Not far away are the volcanoes Merapi and Mount Singgalang. * About 30 kilometers west lies the spectacular Maninjau Lake. Bukittinggi is the birthplace of Mohammad Hatta, who has written the Indonesian Declaration of Independence together with Sukarno and was Indonesia's first vice president.