Banyuwangi, German spelling and Banjuwangi, is a port city in Indonesia with more than 114,000 inhabitants. It is located in the province of East Java in the far east of the island of Java near the Strait of Bali, which is the city of the island of Bali trennt.Banyuwangi the capital of the district (kecamatan) Banyuwangi, which has a total of 1,540,000 inhabitants. In the city itself Javanese still live beside the Osings also (mostly in the south and west of the city), Madurese (mainly in the north and on the east coast) and Balinese who also live in the east of the city. In addition, there also Chinese, Arabs and Bugis live in the city sporadically. About Banyuwangi copra, rubber and wood is exported from the interior of Java. There sawmills; to the other industries in the city include u. a. Wood carving, paper making and leather tanning. The city is rich in culture, which is reflected in the many festivals that are celebrated annually in the city. Famous is the special dance form Gandrung Banyuwangi, in which an unmarried young dancer and singer dancing in a night event with changing male viewers, of which she gets slipped bills. Gandrung was originally a fertility dance and cleaning. The usual orchestral accompaniment consists of two Biolas (violins), two Kendangs (barrel drums), two Kethuk (small boiler gongs of iron), a hanging Gong and a Kluncing (triangle). A similar Gandrung-dance style is accompanied in the music of Lombok, among others, a Preret (wind instrument). The city is due to its proximity to Bali, a popular destination for Bali tourists. In the Middle Ages Banyuwangi was under the rule of the East Javanese kingdoms Singhasari and Majapahit. After the fall of Majapahit (late 15th century), the last Hindu empire in Java, the Kingdom Blambangan could, whose capital Banyuwangi was to make independent and turned to ward off attacks from the Muslim north Javanese Sultanate of Demak under the protection of Balinese kingdoms , Until the 17th century belonged to the kingdom of Banyuwangi Blambangan. 1772 the city came under the control of the Dutch.