Ambon is a 775 square kilometer Indonesian island in the Moluccas. It belongs to the province of Maluku. The 270,000 inhabitants of the provincial capital Ambon are mostly Christians. The city has an airport and two universities. The 51 km long island is part of an island chain and is located in the northern Banda Sea, south of the comparatively larger neighboring island of Seram. The highest mountains, the Salahutu with 1,038 meters and the Wawani with 903 meters, are of volcanic origin and have hot springs. The rock composed mainly of granite and Serpentinfelsen. Earlier tropical rainforest coined parts of the island. Today Ambon is covered only with secondary vegetation. The island also includes the uninhabited islands Nusa Ela, Nusa Hatala, Nusa Lain and Nusa Pumbo.