The Republic of Equatorial Guinea, in general simply as Equatorial Guinea called (Spanish Guinea Ecuatorial, French Guinée équatoriale Portuguese Guiné Equatorial), is a country in sub-Saharan Africa. The mainland part of the state is bordered to the north by Cameroon in the south and east by Gabon and on the west by the Gulf of Guinea. The southernmost part of the national territory, the island of Annobón or Pagalu located, 156 kilometers south of the Equator, the rest of the north. Although it may suggest the name of the country, the equator is not the territory of Equatorial Guinea. The state-supporting population of the former Spanish colony, the catcher, a marginalized minority, the Bubi. The country is rich in oil resources, but their income only a small particularly along the coastal areas - benefit Elite - politically influential. The high per capita income to the European average is approaching. Nevertheless, the poverty rate is high. The violations of human rights have declined markedly, but the country does not provide legal certainty.