Zschopau is a large district town in the Saxon Erzgebirgskreis. The city was built around a middle of the 12th century to protect the here crossing the river salt road castle. From the 14th century, mining was also operated, after which Zschopau 1493 privileges of a mountain town were granted. The meaning, however, always lagged behind the large mountain towns in the Erzgebirge. The development of craft and trade has been favored by the trade route, in 1451 Zschopau was awarded the market right. First guilds of weavers and calico printers were founded as early as 1529, from which later textile factories developed, which favored the early transformation of Zschopau into an industrial city at the beginning of the 19th century. Motorcycles have been built in Zschopau since 1922. Here was the first motorcycle assembly line in the world in the 1920s and DKW was the world's largest motorcycle factory with a production of 60,000 in 1929. Fame gained manufacturers and models, which were traded or sold in 1952 under the acronym MZ.