Worms [vɔʁms, in dialect vɔms] is a city in Rheinhessen, in the southeastern Rhineland-Palatinate and is, like all other historic riverside towns on the left bank of the Rhine, directly on the western bank of the Rhine. The regional center with partial function of a regional center for reference at the edge of the metropolitan Rhine-Neckar and Rhine-Main. By the end of 1999 was in Worms Rheinhessen-Pfalz. This was followed by a restructuring of the technical authorities Supervisory and Service Directorate and Structural and Approval Directorate South. The present inhabitants founded by the Celtic town rival Augsburgers, of Trier and Kemptenern for the title of the oldest city in Germany. Worms is the German representative on the Most Ancient European Towns Network (Working Group of the oldest cities in Europe). is known as Worms Nibelungen and Luther city and for its cathedral, which is next to the Mainz and Speyer Cathedral one of the three Romanesque imperial cathedrals. Worms (Yiddish. Wermajze, ווירמייזא) was also a center of Ashkenazi Jewish culture in Germany.