Weinberg is a town in the district of Heilbronn, five kilometers east of Heilbronn in Franconia dominated northeastern Baden-Wuerttemberg. The city was founded around the year 1200 and has 12,001 inhabitants (December 31, 2015). It is located at the entrance of Weinberger valley formed was named after her, from the Sulm and its tributaries between the Neckar and the Löwensteiner mountains. Vineyard is known for growing grapes, which was for centuries the center of the city and still plays an important role, and for the native of the early 11th century castle ruins Weibertreu. Whose name is linked long been inseparable with the faithful women of the vineyard, which saved their men sentenced to death in 1140th Today the city is the administrative center of the Weinberger valley with a strong infrastructure and a sub-center with moderate central functions.