The city of Uetersen [yːtɐzən] (formerly (also UETERSEN Holstein) and Danish Yttersen) is located in the district of Pinneberg in Schleswig-Holstein. She is known as a choir City of the North and roses and weddings town on the Pinnau. Uetersen is part of the Hamburg Metropolitan Region, the Lower Elbe Maritime Landscape and active region Pinneberger march & Geest. The town of about 17,800 inhabitants, is one of the most densely populated cities in Schleswig-Holstein. The city serves rural communities in the southwestern district of Pinneberg as a center and meeting place for the supply of the demand for services, goods and infrastructure facilities. Overall, the city provided in the surrounding area a catchment area of ​​around 50,000 people. For several years she sought the largest sub-center in Schleswig-Holstein to the recognition as a center with partial functions of a central center. The city has no certificate of incorporation. As a founding year is believed 1234, the year in which the city was first mentioned. Since 1933, this date is officially recognized national history. The history of the city was mainly affected by fires, wars, disasters and misfortunes. So the former site burned down several times almost completely. Among the biggest disasters of the city include the Great Flood of 1412, the floods of Christmas 1717 and 7 October 1756 in which the city was flooded several meters high and 62 people drowned. Another unusual natural disaster was the whirlwind of 10 August 1925 large parts of Uetersen destroyed. On February 24, 1962 came to (for now) last flooding by Adolph Bermpohl hurricane in Uetersen. Since 1999, the city is titled wedding city. The registry office of the city is responsible for some 35,000 citizens of the neighboring town of Tornesch and the Office Haseldorf. Annual average over 450 marriages in the city. Most marriages, there have been in the years 2011 (420) and 2013 (512). Since January 1, 2007 Uetersen making in administrative matters with the Office Haselsdorf whose management business leads the city. This is one of 15 administrative communities in Schleswig-Holstein, which were concluded on 6 December 2006 in Uetersener City Hall.