Teltow [ 'tɛltoː] has around 25,000 inhabitants the most populous city in the Potsdam-Mittelmark in Brandenburg. For the first time, the place in a document of Margrave Otto III was. mentioned in 1265 and 1375 listed in the land book of Charles IV.. The city of St. Andrew's Church in the Old Town, whose origins go back to the 12th century, is the symbol of the city. With the replacement of Bäke by the 1906 opened Teltowkanal the small farming town developed as a business location. At the time of the GDR Teltow was a center of electronic industry. The city bills itself as Rübchenstadt according to Teltow turnips, a Speiserübenart that is grown to Teltow for over 300 years. Since reunification in 1990 Teltow is a growth engine of the Berlin surrounding region and has become a popular residential and business location, just outside the capital. The old town was declared a redevelopment area in 1994 and is since 1997 completely protected monument. In 2011, the urban renewal was essentially complete.