The Black Lake is located south of Mirow in southern Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania in the Mecklenburg Lake District. The Black Lake is part of the chain of lakes south of Mirow located in Zotzensee, Vilzsee, Zethner Lake and the Black Lake. It is approximately 2.6 km long and 200-950 meters wide. The lake is on the south in the Zethner See. The lake has an unarticulated, forested east bank (the Holm Peninsula) and a more structured mostly unbewaldetes west bank with several bays. The ridge on the east bank reached nearly one hundred meter mark. On the west bank is also the place is black with a smaller barrier island. The lake has about Vilzsee connect to the Müritz Havel waterway and the mosquito channel a narrow connection to Zotzensee. GDR times was on the lake, a children's summer camp as a tent city.