Saalfeld / Saale is a city in Thuringia. It is the county seat of the district Saalfeld-Rudolstadt in the southeast of the province and is located in a 250 square kilometer area with 75,000 inhabitants compression to which, among others, the cities of Rudolstadt and Bad Blankenburg belong. The three cities cooperate within the framework of "Cities triangle Saalebogen" which aims at a fusion cities, with each other. Saalfeld is located at the hall in the middle of the Saale bow. Southwest of the city, the Thuringian Slate Mountains begins. The best-known attraction is the Fairy Grottoes, also the city has significance as a railway junction. Saalfeld is classified as a middle center with partial functions of a regional center. It forms a tripolar center together with Rudolstadt and Bad Blankenburg.