Ruhla is a mountain town in Westthüringen between Eisenach and Schmalkalden. The small spa resort is located at an altitude from 440 to 530 meters on the north side of the Thuringian Forest on the Rennsteig. To town Ruhla include the districts Thal and Kittelsthal. With both districts, the city had the end of 2009 well 6200 inhabitants in an area of ​​38.51 square kilometers. The name should be Ruhla of the current flowing through the upper part Bach Rolla (derived from debris) derived. The Rolla empties into the Erbstrom, namesake of Erbstromtals. In this Mittelgebirgskerbtal Ruhla is embedded. The 1355 first mentioned city gained notoriety as industrial and watch town, but is now shaped more touristy. Contributes to the Park mini-a-door, which shows models of more than 100 attractions in Thuringia. With the Church St. Concordia is located in Ruhla the only angle Church in Germany, which is still in the initial stage of construction.