Oldenburg (Low German: Ollnborg, Sater Frisian: Ooldenbuurich) is an independent city in Lower Saxony. The municipality shall maintain the official designation Oldenburg (Oldb) ( "Oldenburg in Oldenburg" or "Oldenburg in Oldenburg region", as opposed to Oldenburg in Holstein). Today's university town was once royal seat and capital of the county, the duchy, the Grand Duchy, the Free State and the State of Oldenburg. She belongs with more than 160,000 inhabitants to Hanover and Braunschweig and Osnabrück par with the largest cities in Lower Saxony. Oldenburg is one of the main centers of Lower Saxony and was until the dissolution of the Lower Saxon government districts on 31 December 2004 the seat of the region of Weser-Ems. From 2005 to 2013 was Oldenburg seat of a government representative of Lower Saxony, which was in 2014 replaced by a regional representative for the Weser-Ems region. In 1945, the population of the city exceeded the city limit of 100,000 inhabitants. Oldenburg heard in April 2005 on the European metropolitan region Bremen / Oldenburg, a total of eleven European metropolitan regions in Germany. On 28 February 2008, the Donors' Association awarded the title of "City of Science" of 2009 for German Science Oldenburg.