Oberhof is a country town in the Schmalkalden-Meiningen in Thuringia (Germany). It is located at the crest of the Thuringian Forest at about 815 m above sea level. NN near the Rennsteig. Oberhof is known as a German winter sports center. are particularly popular here, the biathlon, luge and bobsledding, skiing and nordic combined. The city thrives on tourism. In 2009 132.000 guests came with a total of 426,000 overnight stays to Oberhof. Thus Oberhof to Erfurt and Weimar the most visited place in Thuringia and the most visited resort in the Thuringian Forest. It is also a recognized spa resort. Oberhof is also known for its high school sports, which is the center of the winter sports youth development in Thuringia as well as for the sports stationed there conveyor group of Armed Forces which serves some of the Oberhofer athletes.