The University of Marburg (official to 1974 Marburg or Marburg a. D. Lahn, then until the end of 1976 Marburg (to the traditional definition of Maribor Lahn)) is the county of the district Marburg-Biedenkopf in Hesse. It lies on the Lahn and has approximately 73,000 inhabitants, is the eighth largest city in Hesse. The urban area extends on both sides of the Lahn west into Gladenbacher mountains in and about the east Lahnberge away up to the edge of Amöneburger basin. Since the 13th century Marburg town charter. Today it functions as a regional center in the district of Gießen (Central Hesse). Than larger Mittelstadt Marburg as six other medium-sized cities in Hesse a special status as compared to the other municipalities belonging. Therefore, the city takes on tasks of the district so that they in many ways an independent city gleicht.Marburg has with the Philipps University, the oldest existing Protestant founded university in the world that still dominates the town by its buildings and students today. The name of Marburg, the city owes to the fact that this used to be the limit ( "mar (c)") ran between the territories of the Landgrave of Thuringia and the archbishops of Mainz. The outstanding attractions in Marburg are the Elizabeth Church, Old University, the Landgrafenschloss and located below this old town, which is called in Marburg "Upper Town".