Landshut is a city that counts both Eastern and Southern Bavaria to. It is the seat of the Government of Lower Bavaria and the authority of the same name, in the district of Lower Bavaria. Furthermore, it is the administrative center of the district of Landshut. With 69,220 inhabitants (December 31, 2015) is Landshut before Passau and Straubing, the largest town of the district of Regensburg and the second largest city in eastern Bavaria. In state-wide comparison of the number of inhabitants it is ranked 12 (as at 31 December 2005). Landshut is the center of the northeastern created in May 2007, the Munich Metropolitan Region. The main center on the Isar is sometimes called Three Helmets City because of the to be seen in the city arms three helmets. The Landshut Wedding is a nationally known event in which all four years, the marriage of the Bavarian Duke Georg the Rich and Hedwig is reenacted the city. Landshut valuable gothic cityscape with many monuments and pre-industrial building ensembles, Trausnitz Castle and St. Martin's Church, whose tower is the tallest brick tower in the world are far beyond Lower Bavaria of great cultural and historical significance.