Hinte is a municipality in the district of Aurich in East Frisia. With 7008 inhabitants, it is one of the smaller communities in the district. With an area of ​​48 square kilometers, it is also the smallest unitary community on the mainland of the district. The inhabitants of Hintes are called Hinteraner, the adjective is also so (for example Hinteraner church). The first documented mention of the nucleus Hinte around the year 1000, as well as the present districts Westerhusen and (wholesale) Midlum. The district Loppersum was evidently inhabited by finds already at the time of the birth of Christ, but had to be abandoned in the meantime, like many other places in the East Frisian march due to a transgression of the North Sea during the Migration Period. Today, Hinte is mainly inhabited by commuters who work mainly in the neighboring city of Emden. Economically, agriculture and tourism are of some importance. There is no industry in the community; it is considered structurally weak. The household of the municipality has therefore relied for years on financial equalization payments of the state of Lower Saxony. Nationally known is the district Suurhusen through its church. It has the leanest church tower in the world. Of particular importance are the church in the nucleus Hinte, which forms a rare ensemble with the neighboring castle in northern Germany and the organ in the church in Westerhusen. In addition, there are a number of Gulf farms and farm workers cottage, as they are typical for East Frisian march areas.