Freital is a large district in the center of Saxony, approximately nine kilometers southwest from the center of the state capital and adjacent to Dresden. She is on the population of the largest city in the district Saxon Switzerland & Eastern Ore Mountains and to the state capital of the second largest city in the metropolitan area of ​​Dresden. In this region, it forms a secondary center in the compression chamber. Freital created on 1 October 1921, the Association of Municipalities Deuben, Döhlen and Potschappel that had developed during the industrial revolution to the beginning of the 20th century to major industrial sites. By 2011, twelve more districts were added. For a short time Freital was acyclic (1924-1946) and was then district seat of the following of the district Freital with the license plate FTL (1991-1994). After the county seat was moved to Dippoldiswalde Freital 1997 district town.