Freiburg Cathedral (or Cathedral of Our Lady) is the Romanesque and mostly built in the Gothic style Roman Catholic parish church of Freiburg. It was built from about 1200 to officially 1513th Since Freiburg since 1827 episcopal see is (Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Freiburg), the church is now formally a cathedral, but is called tradition "Munster" and not "Cathedral". The cathedral belongs to the municipality Seelsorgeeinheit Freiburg Mitte in the deanery Freiburg. The well-known art historian Jacob Burckhardt said in 1869 in a series of lectures on the 116-meter tower in comparison with Basel and Strasbourg: And Freiburg is probably the most beautiful tower remain on earth. This probably developed the most often heard, but not quite literal quote from the "most beautiful tower of Christianity". Art historians from around the world boast the Cathedral of Our Lady to Freiburg as an architectural masterpiece of Gothic architecture.