Delitzsch (deːlɪtʃ, Slavic: DELC or delčz for hill) is a large district town and a regional center in the northwest of Saxony. She is on the population of the largest city in Nordsachsen and fourth largest to Leipzig, Halle and Merseburg city in the metropolitan area Leipzig-Halle. Archaeological remains in the urban area indicate a rural colonization in the New Stone Age. Delitzsch was well above 1207 for the first time. In 17-18. Century, the city developed to the electoral residence. The wealth in the late Middle Ages and the early modern period reflects mainly the well preserved old town and shaped by different architectural eras, which, with its squares, bourgeois and patrician houses, town towers, the baroque castle and the city walls to the best preserved of Saxony. The city and its surrounding area is characterized by extensive water pollution, hiking and cycling networks as well as nature reserves, which make the region a sports and leisure center.