The Canower lake located 11 kilometers southeast of Mirow and 10 kilometers south of Wesenberg in the south of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern in the Mecklenburg Lake District, on the border with Brandenburg; this runs on the south shore of the lake. The water area is located entirely in the municipality of Wustrow. The district Canow, which lies along the northwest coast, is named after the body of water. The lake is about 1,800 meters long and up to 800 meters wide. It is divided into a distinctive West pool with a long bay to the southwest, and in a narrower elongated eastern half. Tributaries, the lake in the northwest on the lock Canow from Labussee and southwest from Narchowsee. He drain east to the little ones Pälitzsee. The Canower lake is part of the 32 kilometer-long federal waterway Müritz-Havel waterway waterway class I; responsible is the Water and Shipping Authority Eberswalde. who later became King of Prussia - - At Lake Canower a summer residence of the Dukes Strelitz, the Prince Frederick was in the 1740s attended. Often this house is referred to in the literature as a hunting lodge. From the house there is a view of the water was possible. The site is still recognizable in the existing tree-covered hills.