Balve is a town in North Rhine-Westphalia with municipal law since 1430. It is located in Hönnetal, a river valley in the Sauerland. For many centuries the city was a frontier fortress of the Electoral Cologne Sauerland. Their motto "fasting säu Aerre Balve" (as hard as Balve) is an expression of their valor and dates from the time of Truchsessschen war. Patron is the Evangelist and Apostle John. Politically Balve associated with the Arnsberg and belongs to Märkischen circuit and the region Südwestfalen. the place is mainly known for the Balver cave, which is one of the most important sites of the Middle Paleolithic and at the same time as the biggest "culture cave" in Europe (= prehistoric settlement site) applies. It is used for cultural events today. The old part of Balver parish church is considered a major example of Romanesque hall churches in Westphalia.