Aurich (. Ostfr Platt: Auerk) is the county town of the district Aurich in East Friesland in the north-west of Lower Saxony. Aurich is the second largest town in East Frisia - (behind Emden) both by locals and by area (behind Wittmund). With 41,489 inhabitants Aurich is an independent community and is managed as a regional center in the planning of Lower Saxony. Aurich was over the centuries in succession the residence of the East Frisian princes, the seat of the Prussian, Hanoverian and Prussian turn administrations East Friesland. Even after the Second World War, the city was the seat of the district of the same name was until its merger with the administrative districts of Oldenburg and the Weser-Ems (1978), which was dissolved of 2004. Based on this tradition, the self-designation Aurichs fed as unofficial capital of East Friesland. Aurich is to this day the seat of numerous agencies, including federal and state agencies. Moreover, the East Frisian landscape, the culture Parliament of East Friesland, in the city located. After the Second World War in Aurich to and executed by industrialization and a shift away from a purely official city. In the 1990s, this has been particularly evident by the rise of the wind turbine manufacturer Enercon, the now with more than 2,800 employees is the largest private employer in the city and in Aurich is located. Since 2004 Aurich has the right to set up bilingual place name signs in High German and Low German.