Augsburg is an independent city in the southwest of Bavaria. The university town is the seat of government Schwaben and the region of Swabia and the District Office Augsburg. Augsburg was founded in 1909 on reaching the population of 100,000 for the city and today, with approximately 288,631 inhabitants according to the state capital Munich and Nuremberg, the third largest city in Bavaria. The metropolitan area of ​​Augsburg is concerning population and economic power in Bavaria also ranks third and is part of the overall planning region Augsburg, about 885,000 people live in. The town's name dates back to the Roman camp and the later Roman provincial capital of Augusta Vindelicorum (including Augusta Vindelicum) back, the 15 v. Chr. Was founded under the Roman emperor Augustus as Castra. Thus the Fugger city is one of the oldest cities in Germany. Augsburg is the only German city with its own legal holiday, the Augsburger High Peace Festival, which is celebrated every year on August 8.