Arnstadt, also known as Bach town of Arnstadt is a district town in the middle of Thuringia and is situated at the Gera, about 20 kilometers south of the state capital Erfurt. The city acts as a regional center and is the administrative headquarters of Ilm-Kreis. With the documentary first mention in 704 Arnstadt is a city in Thuringia, which can boast the oldest evidence of their existence and one of the oldest cities in Germany outside the Roman settlements. Until the 18th century Arnstadt was a residence of the Count of Schwarzenburg. From Arnstadt The first written references the Thüringer Bratwurst (1404) and the German wheat beers outside Bavaria (1617) submitted. Arnstadt is one of five cities Thuringian Bach: At the new church was Johann Sebastian Bach his first job as an organist (1703-1707). In the 17th century there were numerous Bach's ancestors, also called "Bache" here Farm-, Council or church musician. Arnstadt has a beautifully restored historic town center with a partially preserved town wall. Due to the location on the northern edge of the Thuringian Forest Arnstadt is also called the "Gateway to the Thuringian Forest". Between the city and the highways 4 and 71 the Erfurt Cross, the largest contiguous industrial and commercial area of ​​Thuringia is.