Abtswind (dialect: Abschwinn) is a market of some 800 inhabitants in the Lower Franconian district of Kitzingen and a member of the administrative community Wiesentheid. The place is located at the foot of Mount Frederick the west of the Natural Park Steigerwald.Abtswind, which was first mentioned in 783, was in the early Middle Ages from the two places Kleinabtswind and Großabtswind. While Kleinabtswind degenerated during the Thirty Years War to a deserted village, the main town to develop. The monastery Münsterschwarzach was the local lord to the 15th century. But other men acquired shares of the small town. Later Abtswind received its own jurisdiction and became the free spots. To date, Abtswind is characterized by its viticulture and the magnificent old brownstones in the village.