Luxor (Arabic الأقصر, DMG Luxor Governorate; ancient Egyptian Ipet reset) is an Egyptian city on the east bank of the Nile approximately in the center of Upper Egypt. Luxor is the largest city in Upper Egypt (2006 census: 451,318 inhabitants, calculations for 2010: about 487,000 inhabitants) and the administrative seat of 7 December 2009 the newly created province of Al-Uqsur. It can be viewed thanks to the variety of cultural sites and the access by the international airport as the center of the region. The modern name Luxor, meaning "city of palaces" possibly comes from the Arabic al-القصور Qusur "castles" or al-qasr "the barracks" back, an inherited into German Arabization of the Latin castrum for a fortified place. In ancient Egypt, Luxor Temple served as district, which bore the name Ipet reset - in brief also Ipat / Ipet - was and part of the ancient Egyptian king Metropole Thebes.