Umag (Umago Italian, German deprecated: Humag, Latin Humagum) is a Croatian town and port on the northwestern coast of Istria in the Istria County, just a few kilometers from the Croatian-Slovenian border. It is a well known business and tourist center and 40 km from Trieste, 150 km from Ljubljana and 50 nautical miles from Venice. In terms of tourism, the hinterland of Umag for many yet unknown area that extends between the Istrian rivers Dragonja and Mirna, surrounded by the Savudrijer Riviera, the Riviera Umag and Novigrad Riviera. The beaches in Umag and around the city are not, as one would normally expect it, sandy beaches, pebbly or rocky beaches, but mostly concrete projections that protrude into the sea. Section, there are also petite sandy and rocky beaches, but rather are an exception. Since 1990 there is also an ATP tennis tournament, the Croatia Open instead.