The island of Lopud is located northwest of the city of Dubrovnik and is part of the Elaphite Islands. The islands from Dubrovnik to the north are called Daksa, Koločep, Sv Andrija, Lopud, Ruda, Šipan, Jakljan, Tajan and Olipa. Most of these islands are very small and uninhabited. The islands Koločep, Lopud and Šipan are the only inhabited islands, Lopud is the middle one. It has an area of ​​4.63 km ², the highest point Polačica is at 216 meters. At the moment Lopud has about 220 inhabitants. In the bay on the northwest side overlooking Šipan lies the village Lopud. Between two hills a path leads to the bay "Šunj" on the other side of the island. The northeastern side of the island is difficult to access due to rocks and steep cliffs. The island has 11.5 km of coastline, 1.2 km of which consists of sandy beaches. Also in the village at the harbor there is a sandy beach. Since the island has its own freshwater wells with more than 2584 hours of sun each year, it is covered with greenery, trees, shrubs, plants and many palm trees. Known is the park, a former garden of a 19th-century villa, where plants from all over the world were collected, among others. also bamboo varieties and various cacti; but also outside the park there are green spots with bougainvilleas, palm trees and cypress trees. Various Greek, Roman and Old Slavic buildings and ruins indicate that the island has been inhabited for a very long time. Lopud has been a well-known seaside resort for a century. You can visit the island in different ways. Four times a day, the liner "Postira" arrives at the island. Many day visitors come from Dubrovnik for the weekend to the sandy beaches. Excursion boats arrive from different locations or commute from other islands. There are no traffic on the island except for a few bicycles, scooters and electric buggies.