Labin (Albona Italian, German historical Tüberg) is a town in Istria, Croatia. Labin is located near the east coast of the Istrian peninsula, halfway between Pula and Opatija. The municipality has nearly 12,000 inhabitants, of which about 6,900 in the core city and 1,400 in the tourist resort Rabac (Portalbona) reside. Labin is the birthplace of the Lutheran theologian Matthias Flacius. Main sectors were from the 19th century to the agriculture and the coal industry until the Second World War. After the decline of mining and closure of the last coal mine in Podlabin since the 1960s, tourism is the main source of income of the city. Worth seeing are next to the three-nave parish church Nativity of Mary, the loggia (built 1601-1603) and the gate (1687), the representative residential buildings (ital. Palazzi) of patrician families Scampicchio (1570), Francovich (16th century) and Lazzarini-Battiala ( 1717, today the city museum).