Cavtat [tsaʋtat] (lat. Epidaurus, it. Ragusavecchia) is a Croatian village in the historical region of Dalmatia 20 km south of Dubrovnik, with 2,015 inhabitants (2001). Cavtat, the administrative center of the municipality Konavle is. Cavtat has its own port captain (kroat .: Lučka kapetanija) and a customs dock (kroat .: Carina), which makes the harbor for yachts particularly attractive. The distance to Dubrovnik Airport is about 5 km. In ancient times was at this point the Greek settlement Epidauros, the v from 228th was under Chr. under the name Epidaurum Roman rule and was later a Roman colony. During the Croatian war and the battle for Dubrovnik Cavtat 1991 was et al fired also from the sea and later also controlled by the Yugoslav People's Army. Most of the numerous depredations have now been repaired, some buildings like the hotel "Macedonia" had to be demolished but.